The 7 Awkward Things you Face in New Market

New Market is undoubtedly the hottest shopping destination that we Bhopalis are proud about. There wouldn't be any person from Bhopal who does not frequently shop at New Market. But shopping there isn't that usual every time. Here are the 10 things from the shopping hotspot that make you feel awkward almost every time.

People racing their vehicles out of the parking area to save ₹2

Even if they have shopped and ate of a thousand bucks, every Bhopali must have thought once in their lives to save the ₹2 parking charge. They load on their bikes, look around to see where the parking attendant is and then if they find them a little far away, they forget everything and try to escape the zone to have the charge. And its always fun.

Naye Saal ka Naya Calender (even if its not new year yet!)

Screw the rules, these calender vendors celebrate new years right from the time they get the next year calender to sell. From the month of September to February, you can see them chanting "Naye Saal ka Naya Calender".

Didi Naada...

Assuming that every lady in the city wear a petticoat, these guys roam around the market asking almost every female who's trying to have some good time with their close ones to buy a "naada". If you're a female and really want to buy a naada, just go out to New Market and stand anywhere between the mob. One of these vendors will spot you and sell the naada to you even before you wish.

Mannequins with Ghost Masks 

Fashion stores have mannequins on their doors to attract customers to buy the attire but I still wonder why many of the stores in New Market put a ghost mask on their mannequins. :P
It really seem awkward when you are trying to spend a good day with your family and you spot a random ghost on the street.

Kailash Bhai ki Gajak

If you relate to the roots of New Market, you must have heard the song, "Gwalior walo ki gajak, kailash bhai ki galak". I have a modified movie dialogue for this
Gud ki gajak suni thi, tilli ki gajak suni thi.. Ye Kailash bhai ki gajak nahi suni!
Haha.. Anyway, this is one of the tastiest things from the market that you must try out if you visit.

"Gaadi no parking se hata lein varna utha li jayegi"

You cannot dare park your vehicle in a no parking zone in Bhopal. Even if you leave your vehicle for five minutes, you'll find it in the nearest police station and you'll have to explain your heart out to the cops to get it back. And moreover, gadi "uthana"? You cannot kidnap a vehicle, can you?

Aapko Pehle Hi Reasonable Rate Bataya

You can never be satisfied with the rates of commodities at the market. If you try to bargain on the goods you're buying, the first claim that comes from the shopkeepers is that they already did a discount for us. This won't ever get in my head that why would they give me their goods at a discounted rate even when I haven't asked for it. "Mai kya tumhara chacha lagta hoon?"

This is it for today. Do you know more of these things? Share with us in the comments thread below; and if you want more,

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That's all. Thank you for reading.


  1. I can relate with all these things specially with the bhoot mask and bargain stuff.. Hahahah every single time I found the bhoot mask in the market and obviously My mom does bargain every single time :)





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