10 Words you've used if you are a Bhopali

The blog's welcome post was a tough job for me. After thinking of about everything a Bhopali does, I decided to pen down the ten words almost all people from the city must have used in their life here. You must have used these in your school, in your college, at your workplace or even at your home. So, here are these Bhopali charms for you.

Bawa symbolizes a friend who is being given respect. The most common sentence in which this word is used are:
Aur bawa, kaise ho?
which means, "hey friend, how are you?" The use of this word in real life scenarios can be found in groups of friends in schools and colleges.

Bhaikko means "How are you?", generally asked to a male person. The use of this word in a sentence,
Bhaikko! Bhabhi ne haan kar di?
"Bhai" is for brother and this enough is a proof that how we bhopalis consider each other brothers. Every person in a friend group is "bhai" in Bhopal. 

Bhannat  is one of my favorite Bhopali word; but whenever I compliment a girl with this, I always get criticism. (I wonder why people don't like Bhopali!). This means pleasing to eye or beautiful. A sentence with this word is
Kya baat hai miya? Bade bhannat lag riye ho.
This means, "What's the reason, friend? You are looking very beautiful."

Harkitta or harkitna means extreme or to the ultimate limit. This word is generally used in a positive manner, but it's the speaker's choice in the end. A usage of this word in a sentence is,
Aaj to harkitte maze aa gaye...
The translation of this sentence roughly would be, "The enjoyment of today was extreme". Harkitte being the plural of harkitta.

Karra is generally referred to something, mostly a person who is tough. This word is used in sarcastic sentences mostly. An example is,
Bada karra ho riya hai.
which means, "you are being too tough" in sarcasm. This sentences would be a warning to someone who is trying to work against the speaker's will.

Khan is the word most of us are familiar with. This is the most famous Bhopali word I guess and now is used outside Bhopal too (not to confuse with the surname with the same spelling). Khan is someone who has a dignity among a certain group of people. The perfect English slang for this word would be "dude" in my opinion.
Ama khan, aajkal kya chal riya hai?
is a general greeting and means, "dude, what's going on?"

Miyaan or miya is similar to our previous word "Khan" and means a person who has a dignity or a dude. Both these words are used in different contexts.
Are miyaan kahan gayab ho liye the itne din?
 means, "hey man where have you been all these days?".

Nipat jana is to die or to get wasted. This word is used in many expressions including "nipat gaya", "nipat lo", "nipta de" etc. Which respectively means that got wasted, lets get wasted and waste (verb). Not always wasting life but this word has more vast uses. I remember while playing counterstrike when a player died he used to scream to his team mates,
Bhai mai nipat gya!
Which means, "bro I got wasted".

Phanti or fanti is an alias word used in the place of "girlfriend". There are many words in Bhopali used to refer girlfriend but this is the best I know.
Uski phanti chodh ke bhag gyi.
would mean that his girlfriend left him.

Last but not the least, ustad might be used to refer a master in Hindi but in Bhopal, it means a driver (of a mini bus, generally). If you have travelled in Bhopali buses, you must have heard the conductors screaming,
Ustad kaat lo! kaat lo!
In this sentence, a conductor is advising his driver to take a cut.

So, ending this never ending list with these ten awesome Bhopali words. Whether you are or are not from Bhopal, do comment your views in the box below about your thoughts about the post, the blog or the city. You can also suggest more words in your comments.


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  2. HAO
    Is yet again a vry popular bhopali word! 😁

  3. HAO
    Is yet again a vry popular bhopali word! 😁

  4. Bohot sahi yaar. Im from bhopal and I've used some of them so many times. Loved the way you described them. Would love to read more. :F

  5. Could someone tell me how the word bhannat spelt in Hindi

  6. I have a little boy as a foster child through World Vision. He lives in Bhopal. What language would be best to use in a letter to him, and does anyone know a good conversion tool to translate from english? It doesn't make sense to write in english if no one can read it.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Karens,
      Good to know that you have adopted a foster boy. You can write in English as more than 10% Indians can understand English which is a huge number. He'll easily be able to read it or find someone who can read it for him.

    2. Thank you. I have found out since my post that world vision translates anything I send into Hindi, if needed. I just wish I could send things directly to him and his family.

  7. Sateek: perfect
    Tez chl rhe ho? : are you trying to mess with me?
    Kya line? : wassup, how it's going?

  8. 'Bawa' is also used in Uttarakhand for friends
    'Phanti' is also used in Uttarakhand for girlfriend





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